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I'm waiting for the newer version of the Moto G to come out to upgrade my phone. Current one doesn't have an sd card.

Jim H:

--- Quote from: shaggyfrog on September 26, 2014, 12:42:58 PM ---If you want a beast of a phone that can survive it all the Casio Commando.  I don't use mine anymore (it still works, but I'll explain in a sec.) but when I did it handled everything I threw at it.  You could swim with it in your pocket, take a shower with it and listen to the music, you could let your toddlers play with it, drop it in your cereal, throw it down when you got ticked off, etc etc....  I work for UPS and cant tell you how many times it fell from my shirt pocket up in the truck out the door and onto the concrete down below.  I seriously could not break the thing.  Here's the downfall... it was sloooooooow.  Even the most recent one was outdated by the time it came out.  I really wanted the newest "smart"est phone at the time and the casio just was not in the same league as the other phones.  But if you can deal with it, it may be the way to go if it is still offered.  And you would not need a case at all for one of those as well.  But any other phone, grab an otterbox for sure.

A few apps I'd like to add to those recommended:
Podkicker (Pro) - best podcast app I can find, use it every single day.
cPro Craigslist Free Client - if you like craigslist deals
If your into weather I use all these together
   Pro Weather Alert
   Radar Express
   Storm Chaser Companion
Best maps IMO is your trusty Google Maps

I don't use a lot of gardening apps or anything, but I learn a lot from YouTube on my phone, and just browse different websites and soak up the info.  Oh and Chrome seems to be the browser that works best for me as well.

Good Luck!

--- End quote ---

I have a Casio G'zOne and it sounds just like the Casio Commando - indestructible and slow. Good for phone stuff, snapshots and listening to podcasts & audiobooks, even in the shower. But as far as the other stuff, not so much a smart phone as a moderately intelligent one.


--- Quote from: hackmeister on September 08, 2014, 06:13:44 AM ---Doggcatcher is the best podcast app for Android.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the recommendation for Doggcatcher. I've got a brand new Galaxy S5, and it's been so long that I've had a modern phone I forgot it can do stuff like this!

+1 for the Linux in your sig!

My new favorite app is RV Parky.  It lists RV parks, national, state and CITY parks with camping, truck stops, Walmarts and cracker barrels and other RV-friendly businesses, rest stops and tells prices for campsites and whether the businesses and rest stops allow overnight parking.  SUPER handy for vacations and road trips even if you don't have an RV (which I don't yet). 

Please add to this list!

Peacekeeper - Directly contacts you with friends, family, and neighbors in an emercency (police, fire or medical).  Free, quicker than 911, completely voluntary (non taxpayer funded) and a great community builder.  My #1 for TSP.

Waze - Avoid traffic congestion, speed traps and construction.  Save time, money, and stay away from those red and blue lights!

Uber - Connect to other freedom minded entreprenuers who want to give/get a ride.  Less middlemen = about 1/2 the cost of a cab.  Stay away from that government funded transportation monopoly they call public transit!

Police Tape - Police claim the same we should have nothing to hide.  The same should be true for them. Keep them accountable. This uploads video or audio to the ACLU automatically and also educates you on your rights in a number of situations. The "oh crap app" also does this and gives you info by state.

Disaster Alert - Disaster Alert is a mobile multi-hazard monitoring application created for iOS and Android™ users. By accessing the DisasterAWARE platform, it provides users with near real-time access to data on active hazards globally—showing events that are designated potentially hazardous to people, property, or assets.

Scanner Radio - In a disaster, you want to know what's going on where.


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