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airsoft recommendations, please

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I didn't end up buying an airsoft gun on my recent trip, but I don't think I would have had any difficulty at the border if I did.

I've looked at some of the brands you mentioned, in particular the the KWC - and more specifically the Beretta model. It seems to get a lot of good reviews and has made fans out many of those who own it.

I am going to see what I can find, locally, but I think I may have to order online. Do you (or anyone) have suggestions for good online dealers? The local Wally-World has a few different Crosman models, not sure if they the KWCs, or not. There are maybe one or two other places I can think of buying one, I'll have to check them to.

Thanks for your reply and recommendations, I'll try and post how my search pans out.  --Ray.

The KWC M92 Beretta is a nice model, and officially licensed too (so has Beretta markings). As with most spring model Beretta's the decocking lever is non functional though.

Dunhum's Sports has the KWC Beretta at a good price.

I don't know if they ship airsoft to Canada though.

Hey Ray;

      Just a heads up on importing airsoft into Canada. 95% of the time, if the airsoft gun is noticed by customs, they'll seize it. Replica's are illegal, and even though the technical definition of replica is 'non-firing', CBSA has decided to interpret the laws to include airsoft into that definition. Where in Canada are you located? If you're interested in them, I may be able to put you in touch with some people that could help you get them (either they're already in country, or people who are able to get them in due to obscure film-use liscences etc)

     The laws regarding airsoft are pretty much non-existant in Canada, so various departments and government agencies decide where they fit in. Unfortunately it didn't turn out favourably for us.

     Are you looking at the M92 model specifically because you have the real-steel equivalent? Or does the actual model not matter as much to you? If not, I'd suggest trying one of the $20 dealies from walmart and see if that'd serve your purpose.


It sucks that we can't get airsoft guns in Canada.
I have one from Bass Pro Shops that I am trying to paint.

You can, you just have to know how. Possession and ownership aren't the issue, importation is. If you really want to get into the sport, or even just want "black" guns as a collector, go to:

Register to access the boards, then go to the FAQ section and read, read and read some more.

While you do not need a PAL/RPAL in Canada to own an airsoft gun, on ASC, you do need to be "Age Verified" (+18) to view the classified sections. The community came up with the Age Verification process as a way to help prevent minors from accessing airsoft easily and to show some measure of control to the powers that be. Keep in mind the AV process isn't required to get an airsoft gun in Canada, but it is if you want to purchase through the classifieds on ASC or from one of the retailers that sell via ASC. The AV process is very simple. Look through the FAQ for the Age Verifiers list, find one in your area, contact them, meet in person and show government issued photo ID and wait about a week or so. The age restricted areas will become available once the "switch is flicked" by one of the admins. Yeah, it's a pita and silly to have to be verified as being over 18 to buy essentially a toy, but that's what we had to do to keep the government happy, at least for now. Some guys here are pissed about the process and that they have to do it in person, but without some type of actual regulation, this is the best we could do with all volunteers. And it beats what's happened in Austrailia (no full auto airsoft guns. It was lamost banned there) or the Netherlands, where they are illegal period.

There could even be a local team with a classified section that you don't have to be verified to view or purchase from.


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