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Hey can not find upload my pic,logo etc

One option to try might be the configuration in apache (assuming your using apache).
eg. adding/changing (where ever it shows up - usually commented out):

AddDefaultCharset UTF-8

I can't remember how to do it if your using some sort of cpanel - but im sure it pretty easy

The other option might be - if you have access to the forums templates adding the metatag
<META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>
oops just looked - you already have that one :-)

of course these may break the forum if the underlying code doesn't like utf8, but if your using a recent php you should be ok

Hope this is of some help

i would still like to post my ugly mugg and need assistance,hey i am pretty computer adept just can not find the upload key

I Haven't tried it myself but if you

Go to Profile (button at top of this forum - next to logout)
Click "Forum Profile Information" in the left side

Use either:
[] I have my own pic:
[] I will upload my own picture: (upload button)

Hope that helps

This board can't be too bad...I've been accessing it from the very start with nothing but my cell phone.


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