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Martial arts for kids

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Tommy Jefferson:
BJJ for kids is so dangerous I dissuade people from it unless the kid can attend a big, franchised school like Gracie Barra, Machado, Alliance, or something like a Loyd Irvin affiliate.  These places have a good kid's program, not just a kid's class.

In TKD kids can't really hurt each other much more than a bloody nose or black eye.  Badly done BJJ techniques create severe, life-altering injuries that last a lifetime.  I know because I suffer from them daily.

There is a jerk near Dallas teaching bicep slicers to 9 year-old kids.  I don't even let my adult men do that technique until they have at least a year of experience.  Predictably, kids at that school are breaking each others' arms and going to the hospital.  It's disgusting.

ridge rover:
I've practiced TKD for many years. My instructor is Korean from the old, old school. There are many misconceptions running wild, although I have heard some good points mentioned here.

About the palm heel strike. In the old times of Korea, after WWII, there was a lot of gang activity and such. My instructor and his friends put their tecniques to the test. Each would spend a night fighting with an emphasis on a certain techniqe and report. Of all techniques, the palm strike was the most effective!

TKD is taught in many flavors. My instructor taught the value of softness in fighting. He studyed Chinese style before he came to America.

Personally, I spent a lot of time teaching kids. Many schools teach similar techniques to kids. Look at face contact with the hands, many Japanese style schools teach sparring similar to TKD. I'm only talking about kids. Adults are a different story.

Good TKD schools emphasize teaching survival skills all use everyday when they wake up. There are not any better gifts someone can give a kid than self-respect and self esteem! Change later if you wish. You are on the right path now!

Niece and Nephew are doing TKD now and having a blast.  At this age, I suspect the QUALITY of the instruction and school are more important than the discipline.


When I was your daughters age I studied Yudo/Judo.  I'd suggest that you look around a bit more and give Judo a try. 

That said, I think that "Modern" TKD is a combative joke but as pointed out earlier it IS appropriate for a child of your daughters age.  When your daughter is around twelve years old I'd also recommend that you find an old TKD instructor who still teaches the older Japanese/Okinawa forms and enroll her in said instructors class.

BTW... I"m in my 40's now and I have studied Yudo/Judo, Hapkido, TKD, Japanese & Okinawan Karate, JJJ, Southern Kung-fu, Escrima/Arnis, Historical Fencing, Savate, La Canne, Sambo and no-gi BJJ.   I'm not a "MASTER" nor do I play one on TV...  I'm just a guy with a fair amount of MA training and experience.   

G2A, I've been around and my preferred strikes are openhanded and I'm a big, bruiser type guy.  I have seen too many Black Bellt's fracture the small bones in their wrist while punching with a closed fist.  If your daughters TKD instructor is teaching the children palm strikes I'd say +1!  It sounds like your daughter's current TKD program  is OK.  However, TKD is not Judo ;D

Have you looked at the Gracie Bullyproof DVD's. My niece and nephew love doing them with me and it's nice because I can practice with them in my home. The games that are in the DVD's are a lot of fun and could help to keep a child interested. I enjoy learning braziliam jiu jitsu and I think like most martial arts it can be something that turns into a lifelong skill. I am not a long time practitioner and I'm currently a white belt, but based on how much my nephews enjoy it I will continue to learn with them.


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