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MSB member benefit - would cost little, be worth a lot.

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I agree also.  This is a great idea. (There is a similar military network like this made up of ex military, but the name of it escapes me).  Something like "Vets Helping Vets" or so. 

Think of it as AAA for Preppers :)

Anything I can do in my paltry and rapidly shrinking free time just ask.


MSB Network

First Draft

Name - MSB Network

Purpose - Provide a nationwide and/or international network of prepared individuals ready and capable of supporting each other during times of a) dislocation, b) while traveling and requiring assistance, or c) upon necessity of manning retreats should there be a society wide disruption requiring such measures.

Membership - Available to members of the MSB only. Voluntary association and voluntary level of contribution. The more a member can offer with either effort, skill, or supplies, the more likely they are to receive help when needed, or an offer for joining a retreat if such a need arises.
Basic qualifications required -
-Skilled at arms. Both pistol and rifle. Nothing extreme, safety rules understood, carries, and can handle iron sights, scopes, and is good out to 300 mtrs. If this not the case, then a primary purpose of this network would be invalid. When we help each other, we want to be helping and meeting someone who can also be support for security, which will be an ongoing need.
-Basic first aid familiarity
-Navigation skills

Format - Either set-up a secure area on the forum, with Jack's approval, or set-up a link to another site - again with Jack's approval, where the list and data can be kept.

Info required -
-Username/Handle, real name not required
-General zipcode or region where support can be offered
-Support services offered i.e. towing (for those of use with trailers), temporary housing incl. camping, food assistance during travel i.e. 3 day food supply, travel assistance through dangerous areas (i.e. armed and willing), knowledge of area only (for those willing to only give advice), communications (ham operators, satellite internet, etc.) medical skills, repair or fabricating skills and tools, hunting assistance, etc. I have left off many skills and services which we can all fill in as we go.
-Method of contact. Email, cell, ham call signal, frequent location visited, signal if in area, frequency used on CB radios, etc.
-When online or available to help and when not available, if known in advance.

Method of assistance-
-Can be direct. I show up and help out as needed.
-Can be indirect. I communicate, figure out what is needed, and arrange a drop. No one meets face to face.
-Can be temporary. One of us is broken down and needs brief assistance, repair, maybe some food, to be on our way.
-Can be long term. Broad collapse, broad dislocation - as has been predicted by several where multiple cities experience incidents - and many of us need to leave our residences and can become part of retreats set up by others who are part of MSBN. This is more likely now than most of us realize. If never needed, no harm done. If needed, it can mean the difference between life and death.

Rather than go on and cover all possibilities, I think the above conveys the concept and some of the basics. What say all of you?

Outstanding, very well thought out already.

Perhaps add a "priority" level or something, kind of like the defcon levels.  Someones ability to assist may be based on what the current local or community status is. 

Other than that, keep on keepin on, looks great.


Just had a quick thought.  What about Opsec?  Should there be some kind of vetting process other than just MSB membership.  The potential for someone to sign up, pay 50 bucks and have access to this kind of information could be a potential hazard.

Perhaps a single person or group of people would handle the inquiries to the dataset?

Just thinking out loud again.  :)

Thanks for the appreciation Doc!

The priority level idea appeals to me to. For instance, right now all services may be available and there is no real need to involve the MSBN for an car breakdown, etc. Then when the priority level shifts - such as in Katrina, the winter that hit much of the U.S., etc, there could be a priority level for activating or relying on MSBN. Is this what you are thinking?

I also agree about vetting people for claimed skills, and motivations. Have to ponder it some, but we can figure out how to do that without making it a clique, or too selective and not useful. The more open the better because we want coverage.

Input on skills needed?


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