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I Phone 6 TSP Streaming Problem Solved


Prepper Rob:
Greetings Forum Technical Problems Page.

Please forgive me for not taking Lvs chant advice and sending to Jack and posting this here instead of show discussion.

I have an i phone 6 and the steaming drops off when the screen goes dark when listing to episodes from 2019 or 2011.  If I wake the screen up the steaming starts again. 

This dose not happen when I steam from the i phone podcast app, or Jack's app with this years episodes.

Do you thing this is a i phone 6 problem, a Jack server problem or something else ?

Prepper Rob, Louisville, Ky

Prepper Rob:
Greetings Jack and podcast tech staff.

What I thought was a steaming problem on old podcast from 2011 was my I phone 6 stopping the play back when the auto lock kicked in to turn off the screen.

I turned off the auto lock and now the podcast dose not stop playing. 

Prepper Rob

Louisville, Ky 

Nice job finding the solution.  I'm sure this can help others.

I merged it with your other post.


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