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Problems with the show zipfiles

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Pearl S:
Hi all :)
I have been slowly, over the last year, as my data allows, downloading the zip files for the show. My data plan rolls over today, so I downloaded a pile last night. I checked them this morning, all look intact, but I can open the zips of 1775-1799 and 1800-1824 only, 1825-1849  to 2175-2199 all will not open on this computer, it says The compressed folder is invalid." The file sizes look correct, I see no reason why they wouldn't work. All of the earlier zipfiles I have downloaded work fine.

So my silly question of the day is: Has anyone else hit this? Did Jack change the zipfile type somehow at that point? Do I need to upgrade my zip program? I hate upgrading stuff, it generally breaks things on the moody laptop. If it's my system, it's weird, because all the earlier ones work. Any idea what I can do? Dell laptop running Win 7, 9 gigs of space on the drive.

Thank you for any assistance!! :)

Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: Pearl S on November 04, 2018, 08:01:16 AM ---...1825-1849  to 2175-2199 all will not open on this computer, it says The compressed folder is invalid." The file sizes look correct, I see no reason why they wouldn't work. ...

--- End quote ---

I just tested those two zip files and they show no errors.

I know that's not a big help. 8)

The file sizes are supposed to be:

I don't have a good suggestion at this point.  I doubt that it's an obsolete zip program at your end -- zip format has been standard for years, and we're not using anything hypermodern at this end.  Best guess would be a corrupted file download, but I don't know whether that's the fault of your computer, our server, your ISP, or eddies in the space-time continuum.

I'm sorry to suggest "Have you tried turning it off and on again?", but I've seen a lot of weird problems vanish after a restart.

Anyone else have a suggestion?

Pearl S:
Just rebooted. Nope. Good call, I hadn't done that. As one of the people who tells others to reboot, you'd think I'd try it before I posted :)

The file size I have for 1800-1824  is  576,873   That file works.
None of my file sizes look like yours. What is yours for this one?

I hope I don't have to download them all again, I went over my data, which I was doing deliberately, knowing they would throttle my connection. They did. But it rolls over today. So if I start downloading, I swear they watch and they'll roll it, and I'll be eating next month's data up.

I appreciate the help :)

Mr. Bill:
Okay, don't give up on those downloads yet.  I mean, they're probably doomed to deletion, but that doesn't mean we can't waste more time on 'em first. 8)

--- Quote from: Pearl S on November 04, 2018, 12:13:32 PM ---None of my file sizes look like yours.

--- End quote ---

Sorry, I was giving the file size in bytes.  Here's everything in kilobytes:


Ever used the command line from Windows?  There's a utility for calculating a checksum of a file.  If the checksums match, it's extremely likely that the files are identical.

Open a command prompt, and use cd to navigate to the directory where your downloads are.  (If you don't know how to do that, let me know.)  Then enter this command:

certutil -hashfile

After a short delay, it should respond:
SHA1 hash of file
e0 5c 62 41 74 7d d5 cc ad d8 22 22 74 2f b5 eb 7b d1 33 90

(If your numbers don't match, then I probably made a mistake, since you said that file worked OK.)

Here are the checksums for the other three files:
c6 0c 04 de 1e c4 88 e5 55 a7 26 60 a6 2c ac 55 f8 17 05 1f
94 e2 ce 7f dd b2 99 d3 f5 34 e4 03 ac 50 1b 1a f4 59 f0 d0
ec 39 de d1 52 a8 3d b2 c5 6b 37 50 ce 3f 9e f4 8f 35 b2 0a

Pearl S:
Crud. Looks like doomed to deletion.
Didn't even bother with the checksums, the file sizes on the ones that work are accurate, on the ones that don't are too small. All my downloads after the speed throttled are garbage. CRUD.
And I don't have bandwidth to spare till the 3rd of next month now.

Thank you :) I appreciate the help!

Oh, I am HIGHLY entertained this site calls me a "fledgling prepper" Bwahahah! Riiiiiight. Need to tell my sisters who don't understand my life that I'm just a fledgling, I have a lot more to do! They'd be horrified.
Not a fledgling prepper, just don't post on this forum much.

Thank you for your help Mr Bill :) I appreciate it!  :D


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