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Request: Is Jack's blog broken in your browser?

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firefox and Brave on mac working properly.

OS X, El Capitan 10.11.6

Firefox 57.0.4

Name   Version
Brave   0.19.105
rev   51f8ba5

 I use Google Chrome browser and Windows XP Pro (yea,it's old ,but I like it and updates were the only reason it failed in the past)

The forum will often lose the buttons and labels and text will get all wonky and overlap and lose spacing though it will be fine when I close the forum and restart ...without reboot of the PC or even closing the other tabs open in the browser...

I run with the nightly firefox builds; sort of bleeding edge of that software.  I may have 2 - 3 updates in versions on a active day.

i have not seen any recent problems with that browser; went back 5 pages posts and all seemed formatted ok.

59.0a1 (2018-01-12) (64-bit) is the current version.

Mr. Bill:
Okay, thanks everyone for the data.  I've passed it along to Jack.  I believe he needs a new Wordpress theme, but it's up to him how he handles it.


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