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What knife are you carrying now?

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David in MN:
OK another weird one. The Esee Izula minimalist neck knife.

I wrapped the grip with parachord and it's a little oddball. More "knife" than most neck knives and it just disappears under a shirt. But it's a sturdy clip point well adapted to food prep. It's basically a one piece steel ready to carve fruit or harvest veggies.

I'm coming to the conclusion that all knives need to be first and foremost food prep. I really like the Euro utilitarian mindset that a knife should turn an apple, hunk of cheese, and a loaf of bread into a meal. It's not something you'd want to "fight" with because it is little and it's not a combat weapon. But you could definitely pull a cutting board to the grill and use it to pare onions and peppers. That's pretty cool.

Also came with challenge cards that give advice on surface to air survival signals. Really cool stuff that any backpacker or cross country skier should have tucked away in their kit.

Not the cheapest neck knife... That might go the the CRKT minimalist (which is also awesome) but this Esee is something worth looking at if you want a food prep and gardening knife on your person stored on your chest where nobody will grab it.

Esee Izula ....
Dang good knife, the first and only knife I ever wrapped in 550 cord.
Today was a nice lower end Kershaw folder.

I have had the knife - Izula for a number of years and have been happy owning it.

David in MN:

--- Quote from: NWPilgrim on September 11, 2019, 10:11:40 PM ---A couple of interesting knives I acquired recently.

First, is the Spyderco Pacific Salt. Based on the classic Endura it has H1 stainless steel and coated fittings to make it nearly impervious to long term water exposure. No liners, just yellow FRN scales so it is extremely lightweight. I got the full serrated edge since H1 is suppose to work harden and actually be very hard at the edge while be less hard but more tough at the spine. While it is marketed as a boating/marine knife, it is looking like a darn good EDC. And I was never a fan of serrations. Until now.

--- End quote ---

I jumped with all my bias and bought a Spyderco Salt 2. No serrations (I detest serrations as they fly in the face of food prep and other common knife uses). But I do an annual trip to the Caribbean and I really wanted something I could carry without worry. So I needed a knife that could survive the elements.

Up front it's everything I hate in a knife. Beyond the goofy Spyderco blade hole it's super light. My kitchen scale says 2 ounces. I prefer a big beefy knife probably because I come from a cooking background so a massive German chef knife feels like home. My Benchmade Adamas is 8 ounces and I like it. The Salt does some good things, though. It has a slightly rounded tip so it's clearly built for cutting close to the skin (imagine a diver tangled in a net) and it is built for cutting. I like this because I think knives are cutting tools and not weapons. I also like that it's no-frills.

Bottom line: EDC? No. Not for me. But... I have a knife I can carry swimming in the ocean and carry while launching boats in the spring. And it's not a bad knife. Even as a guy who doesn't like the Spyderco design it does work. These are really minimalist designed for rough use "just have a knife on you" knives and if you've got the scratch and do work in the elements it might be worth a look. Just think... I'll have my knife on me in every pool. That could come in handy at a cookout.

David in MN:
I'm falling in love with the Spyderco Salt 2. Dammit. It's kinda cool to have a knife I don't have to think about. I can wear it while sweating working out. I can wear it on my swim trunks. I can wear it to bed. I can treat it like trash and it seems just fine.

It's not my favorite knife. Look, we did this experiment for an ultimate utilitarian tool and we got the Marine KaBar, still one of the best blades ever made. That's why I madly love massive drop point blades like my Benchmade Adamas (and let's be honest I'll buy one eventually) the Cold Steel AD-10. They are the crosstown of chef knife and bayonet. If it needs to be done with a knife that's the starting point.

If you're like me you look for a "do-all" knife and the KaBar, Bowie, Arkansas Toothpick, etc. start showing up. They are chef knives molded for field use. It harkens back to the misericord or bodkin. Big utilitarian blades that do all things well.

So why am I so loving this lightweight Spyderco that defies everything I like in a knife? I don't know. But the darn thing just works and works well. It cuts really well. I might not want to do a lot of food prep but it's there when I need it.

I'm a large frame guy. I routinely walk around with both a Benchmade Adamas and a Swiss Army Outrider in my pocket (yeah, that's like 3/4 a pound right there) so I'm not weight sensitive but this little thing is sneaking in to my EDC really easily.

David in MN:
I so fell into the Spyderco Salt 2 I bought a Para 3 Lightweight. I can't put my finger on it but I'm just really digging these light Spyderco knives. It feels like brand suicide because I'm a Benchmade purist (let's be honest if you're torn between Benchmade and Spyderco you're making the right decision either way).

I didn't like the Para 2 because I have a Benchmade Adamas and could buy a Cold Steel AD-10 for cheaper and if I want a massive knife that's where I go. The Para 3 always felt like an "also ran" and for that beef I can do better. But the Lightweight is just kind of a sweet spot that hits all of Spyderco's strengths with really no big drawbacks. It's a light weight fiberglass handle blade with their compression lock (mine swings free and gravity closes) and not much else. I think on his Youtube review Nick Shabazz called it "the most Spyderco Spyderco". I kind of agree. It's everything you would call proprietary Spyderco in a really great package.

For $90 you could do a lot worse. So says the Benchmade fanboy. But they had the wisdom to cross the Delica 4 with the Para 2 and the result is the Spyderco we've always wanted. Solid marks.


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