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What knife are you carrying now?

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--- Quote from: NWPilgrim on July 27, 2019, 07:49:37 PM ---I love Moras.  Which one are you taking along?
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I picked up a Craftline 511.  My first Mora, so I wanted to stick to one of the cheaper models.  If I like it, I'll probably pick up a couple more to try out.


--- Quote from: NWPilgrim on July 27, 2019, 07:35:50 PM ---But I am way beyond limiting my guns and knives to just what is needed and well into the just-because-Merica or for fun!

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Yup.  I got their big-ass Modern Bowie last year, just because......

--- Quote from: NWPilgrim on July 27, 2019, 07:35:50 PM ---If you drive along Hiway 6 in the coast raange next week and spy a new clear cut, you'll know I got carried away with my new knife.

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Strangely enough, I know that road like the back of my hand.  I'll keep my eyes peeled for damage when I'm up there next month.

--- Quote from: fritz_monroe on July 27, 2019, 08:35:32 PM ---I picked up a Craftline 511.  My first Mora, so I wanted to stick to one of the cheaper models.  If I like it, I'll probably pick up a couple more to try out.

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Mora's are awesome, too, I can't think of anything that beats them for value.  Their beefier Garberg carbon steel blade throws sparks off the spine right out of the box, and, despite being at the opposite end of the $1 to $100 spectrum as their other knives, it's probably my favorite.

Took the Fallkniven S1 with me hiking yesterday. Not really needed but wanted to see how it carried with day pack and through the brushy trails and rock scrambles. At lunch and breaks I tried it out on dead limbs or hacking overhanging limbs.

I am even more impressed with this 5” knife. I thought 5” would be a bit in the too large side for hiking. But the Zytel  sheath is minimalist and carries very light and hangs out of the way. About the most unobtrusive sheath knife I have ever carried. So gold star for carry ease.

This knife easily bites into the wood and allows excellent control for a thin shaving or deep cut. I could easily carve through a one inch branch. This will be perfect for slicing off branch nubs/knots for smoothing a walking stick. Often those are too big and hard for even a good size pocket knife to deal with. The S1 hacks and slices them off in a breeze. Need to build an impromptu fir bough shelter for an unplanned night in the hills?  The S1 makes short work of such branches. It sparks fire steel easily, too. I din’t Baton knives but it looks plenty sturdy to do so.

Overall this is the best woods knife I have ever used. I am leaving my large folding knife home and taking just the S1 and a SAK for all future hikes. Anything my Camper can't handle the S1 will do so easily. It carries like a 3” knife and cuts like a 3”, 4” and 6” knife. A Mora  Campanion would be my natural choice for a lightweight fixed blade. But the S1 carries so light and out of the way I see no reason NOT to carry it instead. If I had to extract myself from deep in the hills over several days and could only have one knife, the S1 would be my pick. This will make a great all around camp knife as well.

David in MN:
I clip on a Mora "Heavy Duty" in the garden. It's kinda like somewhere between a knife you care about and one you abuse. It's big enough without being some kind of military blade that will weird out the neighbors but has enough bite to do garden chores. I mean doing cuttings and trimming.

I'm also a big fan of the Mora neck knife which is tiny but really handy to cut things open and a neck knife you really don't care about is awesome in the water at the cabin. You're not going to throw a $50 SAK in your swim shorts while wading around the boat and while the Mora needs a magnetic clasp so you don't have 550 chord wrapped around your neck there's also a lot of options to carry it. I can tuck it into the belt of a boonie hat next to the bug spray. To be fair I look like a complete fool in my boonie but hot damn there's a lot of handy stuff on my head. Don't sell short the idea of having your tools on your hat and around your neck when you're putting in a boat in 34 degree water.

My latest build is the Victorinox Skipper. I had a little issue boating with my nephews and I'd feel like a fool not having a handy shackle opener and marlin spike at hand on the water. Nobody got hurt but there's just a plethora of issues dealing with ropes and props. Mine has about 3 feet of bright orange parachord (I don't know why marine knives come in blue so you can't find them when you drop them) with 6 champagne corks threaded on. It won't float but dropped in our normal 5 feet of water will be easily retrieved.

A couple of interesting knives I acquired recently.

First, is the Spyderco Pacific Salt. Based on the classic Endura it has H1 stainless steel and coated fittings to make it nearly impervious to long term water exposure. No liners, just yellow FRN scales so it is extremely lightweight. I got the full serrated edge since H1 is suppose to work harden and actually be very hard at the edge while be less hard but more tough at the spine. While it is marketed as a boating/marine knife, it is looking like a darn good EDC. And I was never a fan of serrations. Until now.

Second is the Opinel knife from France designed in 1890. Round wood handle with slot for blade rotating on a pin, and a twist collar for licking the blade open or closed. Friction fit so blade is useable without locking in many circumstances. Extremely simple “peasant knife”. The blade is thin so easy for slicing. The factory grind is mediocre, nothing like a Victorinox or Mora. But at $10-$15 it is easily sharpened and handy knife for cheap. It comes in sizes of approximate centimeter length if the blade. But he No. 8 is lost popular and about 3.25” blade. Available in carbon or stainless steel (Sandvik).  I got a No. 6 stainless to try. Now thinking to keep it in the knife drawer as a “always” sharp paring knife and get a 8 or 10 for larger food prep. The family paring knives are forever bashed around and dull quickly.

Anyway, a couple of affordable interesting knives I am trying out.


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