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how to I access my sent messages?

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either the platform/settings does not allow it, or I am blind
When i click on "messages" I get the same contents that are in "inbox"

I hacked the "inbox" address from this,;f=inbox
to this;f=sent
 and Dadah!

Click on "Messages"
Once your messages are displayed, notice the other "Messages" button on the left next to "Actions" and "Preferences".
Hover your mouse over "Messages" and you will see "New Message", "Inbox", and "Sent Messages"

Mr. Bill:
What LVWood said. 8)

I'm impressed with the hacking, though! ;D

in Greece we have a saying that will not translate well in English.
"the clever bird is caught by the beak".
meaning, sort of, by what is right infront of it.
So i was smart enough to tinker with the url, but not enough to hover the mouse  ;D

that is because of my prehistoric surfing days...unix, FTP, command line etc

thanks both!

  I want to build me one of those bird traps....


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