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Where's the Forum for help with technical issues relating to Radios?


I would really appreciate some help getting into the Technical Forum for Radios so I can get some help. Thank you for your time & help...

  Ham radio and Communications are in the list below HOME and you can find help for most any radio related things in them.

Some of us really love our radios though few actually 'relate' to them... ;D :rofl:

Mr. Bill:
This section is dedicated to the discussion of means of communication during an emergency scenario. For example, CBs, Shortwave radios, scanners, etc. HAM Radios have their own dedicated board below.

The HAM Radio Board
This board is dedicated to HAM radios, information on obtaining a HAM license, the dos and don'ts of operation, repeaters, Echolink,and so forth.

Amateur Radio How-To's
If you're into building your own gear, whatever it may be, post it up here with a how-to. Show the rest of us how you did it.

Amateur Radio Gear Reviews
If you own & like it...or don't, tell us about it. It can be anything related to HAM radio.


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