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Great information! The abdominal pain is one of the most common issues you could have and knowing the different disease you could have dependent on the quadrant is very important

Excellent info!  Printing this for my bugout kit

Some years ago we were always being told to "eat more roughage", so I used to sprinkle dry weetabix on my dinner, but now and again I'd get severe abdominal pain, and eventually I put two and two together and realised the roughage might be clogging up my bowels, so I stopped with the Weetabix and the problem went away. 

Mr. Bill:
A lot of people (including me) have a reaction to wheat fiber.  This isn't a gluten thing (I can eat wheat gluten with no problems), it's the fiber in whole wheat specifically.  Annoying, because I used to like Weetabix.

The only fiber I've ever found with no side-effects is methylcellulose (sold as Citrucel and other brands).  I don't care if it's artificial.  That's probably why it doesn't cause gas and cramps -- gut bacteria can't digest it, and the bowels just ignore it.


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