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Changed "Field Medicine" board to "Medical Needs and First Aid"


Mr. Bill:
We've never had a place for general medical issues and prepping.  Most of it has landed in the "Field Medicine and First Aid" board under "Outdoors Activities".

So we've given that board an upgrade.

Medical Needs and First Aid
Medical prepping: mainstream medicine, alternative therapies, and emergency care from basic first aid and CPR to field surgery.

And it's now located on the front page in the Survivalism & Self Sufficiency Topics category, rather than buried under "Outdoors Activities".

Sister Wolf:
Fantastic. Thank you for doing this. 

Great to be able to see survival tips even if you have medical conditions.

Here my first one.
Talk to your Doctor and get him/her to write a script at least 90 days worth of you daily medication.
If insurance give ya trouble, buy it your self without the insurance involvment.
walmart, target,  kmart now all have 90day deal for drugs.

Here number 2.
storage of extra medication, Lock it up. where trouble come calling in survival your medicaiton will be like money in the bank. so i repeat Lock them up, in a nice dry cool place. ;D

Mr. Bill:

--- Quote from: prizm63 on January 15, 2011, 04:32:51 AM ---Great to be able to see survival tips even if you have medical conditions.

Here my first one. ...

--- End quote ---

Howdy, prizm63!  Best place to post about medical prepping is in the Medical Needs and First Aid board (not here in the Announcements board).

Be sure to check out this excellent post: DOC K'S MEDICINE LIST, which has a ton of info on which medications to store, compiled by a Family Medicine physician.

Nice update to a sometimes overlooked and seriously under discussed (in general,not here  ;)) major topic


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