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the Defender (as seen in the Men Who Stare at Goats movie)


Anybody have any experience with these? I was thinking about getting one - not so much for the tool itself, I could probably make one with my high school shop training, but for the DVD that comes with it...

The Self Defense Weapon Intro

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I've conversed with Peter on a few occasions, he's a good guy. He admits that his tools are specialized for a specific type of technique. Once again it's a question of Skills over gear. HE can do the same techniques with a closed folding knife or any other hard object. I, who hasn't devoted the time to it, would be better off with an ASP Baton. If you are willing to move beyond Orthodoxy and explore, there is a lot of real information there! Yes, You can make your own tools, even better I might add. The DVD's meet the "if I learn one useful thing, it was worth it!" test many times over for some and just 1:1 for others. Depending on your skills/awareness you will fall somewhere in between.




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