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Got the dvd!

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Aren't those the best presents though, you know what you are getting, but the kids are soooo excited about giving you a gift.  :)


--- Quote from: madcap1one on December 07, 2009, 01:43:08 PM ---Marjory and family - thanks for supporting TSP, in return we will support you!

I just ordered the DVD, and look forward to watching it upon arrival.

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It's very interesting.  (Parts of are graphic;  butchering, dogs eating entrails, etc.)
Might want to give a viewing without the kiddos the first time.

I received and thoroughly enjoyed this DVD.  I have gone through it once and now need to sit down and re-watch each section again to absorb all the information that is presented.  If you haven't picked up a copy yet, then you are missing out.  Absolutely fantastic!!!!!


Got mine, pretty good basic info, have not got into the other disk yet. This is one I will loan out to people new to growing food.

I neglected to check back into this thread.

The DVDs came in, VERY quick shipping thanks.

Now if only this end of year rush would subside so I can sit down and watch them...


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