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My trunk tools in use

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--- Quote from: endurance on June 23, 2014, 03:53:26 PM ---Now if I could only get my wife to stop taking her emergency kit out of her car because it "takes up too much space." ::)

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Amen, I fully expected that the air compressor was not going to be in her truck.  Luckily it was still in there.

--- Quote from: bradleypaul75 on June 23, 2014, 03:17:01 PM ---hey do you have a tool box/assortment you use in each car also?

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Not really a box for each car, but each car does have things like basic tools, jack and other items.  I don't have a plug kit in my wife's car, but I'll be picking one up when I get a replacement tube of rubber cement and the air compressor for my car.

When I get my "new" car, I'll get another set of this stuff for that car.  I'll also move my get home bag stuff to that car.  My son will have 10 miles at most to get home compared to my 50+.  But I'll help him pick out some of his own gear.

Great job.

Funny, i have a number of tools in my truck, and it seems they never get used on my truck, but on other peoples vehicles.

At the drive-in theater: jumped two ppl who let their batteries run down.
At the in laws: use the pump to pump up trailer tires
At work: use tools for various "projects" that other people think can be done toolless.

I have found that for my vehicles tools are a big need. I would recommend something of this nature as tool kits for each vehicle. The idea is that you can inventory the items rapidly if you do monthly inventories like I do.

In addition to the tools I like to keep:
-spare fuses
-fix a flat and plugs
-zip ties
-duct tape

I am not a fan of the black tool grip color, I like reds or yellow but couldn't find a good picture to post online.

I have a kit very similar to that in my trunk.  I happened to get it from my company for 5 years continuous employment.  Not great quality, but not bad for using in an emergency.

yeah not a great quality tool set but it is functional.

these are light to medium duty tools. for the cost of the sets like this 50 bucks at most stores, they are worth the investment.

kind of the saying, a decent plan now executed now is better than the perfect plan next week.


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