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Stupid question - when to plant trees and vines


We bought two trees and four berry vines.  They came with directions on how and where to plant but not when.  Does anybody know if I should plant them now (before last frost date) or wait until spring?

T Kehl:
Are they still dormant?  If so it should be fine to plant now.  If they are starting to bud or have leaves then wait until after last frost.  The frost would be one heck of a shock.  Keep moist/wet in a bucket if bareroot

I would also recommend acclimatizing if they have been kept indoors more than a day or two.  Set them in a cold room, enclosed porch, etc for a few days before giving the full monty of old man winter. 

Thanks.  Old man winter isn't too strong over here.  The trees are in the garage which gets to about 38 at night.  Everything still looks dormant but we have been having freaky weather - warm then frost then warm.  I will probably wait until last frost date just to be sure.


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