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Title: US South Pre-Winter Snowstorm
Post by: iam4liberty on December 09, 2018, 05:05:46 PM
Unseasonable storms hit South from Texas through North Carolina. Large scale power outages, road closures and flight cancellations.  Avoid travel to area if possible.  Authorities asking residents to check on elderly neighbors. (
Snow totals: Raleigh-Durham area sees 'entire winter average in one day'

Before winter has officially started (winter officially starts Dec. 21), many areas in North Carolina have already exceeded their average snowfall for the entire winter season.
We've had our entire winter average in one day," ABC11 Meteorologist Don "Big Weather" Schwenneker said.

The December snow storm is not over, but snowfall amounts are already adding up.
As of 2 p.m., some areas in the ABC11 viewing area have seen as much as 14 inches of snow accumulation.
NCDOT is out in force treating major roads, but they remain slick and potentially dangerous. Secondary roads are even more dangerous.

That means you should avoid leaving your house, if possible. (

Storm slams South with heavy snow, power outages as over 1,000 flights canceled out of Charlotte

A storm system that's bringing heavy snow and freezing rain across a large section of the South is leaving thousands without power Sunday as wintry precipitation blasts the region.

Over 247,000 customers in North Carolina are without power as of 2:00 p.m. ET Sunday as now and freezing precipitation continue to fall, according to North Carolina Emergency Management.

"North Carolina is in the cold, icy grip of a mammoth winter storm," North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said at a news conference. "Enjoy the beauty but respect the danger. Don't be fooled. This storm is treacherous."

The majority of the power outages are in North Carolina, where the highest amounts of snowfall are expected to fall. The National Weather Service said that more than a foot of snow is possible from North Carolina into south-central Virginia.

"Travel will be severely affected across much of these areas, and some power outages are likely," the NWS said in its advisory.
"Roads are slick and driving is not something you want to attempt this morning," the Durham County Sheriff's Office said. "Keep roads clear for plows and emergency vehicles."

More than 82,000 were without power in South Carolina, while a total of about 75,000 outages were reported across Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. (

Overnight winter storm leaves Texas panhandle buried in snow
Title: Re: US South Pre-Winter Snowstorm
Post by: iam4liberty on December 10, 2018, 06:23:43 AM (

US snowstorm kills one in North Carolina

A heavy snowstorm has swept through US south-eastern states, killing at least one person and leaving hundreds of thousands without power.

A state of emergency has been declared in North Carolina, with some areas reporting as much as 0.5m (18.5ins) of snow over the weekend.

One man died after a tree fell on his car. A search is under way for a driver whose vehicle was found in a river.

Thousands of flights were also cancelled across the region.

'A dangerous system'
More than 300,000 people were affected by electricity outages in the Carolinas, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia on Sunday, while storm warnings remained in place in the south-east "especially North Carolina and Virginia", the National Weather Service (NWS) said in a tweet.
Title: Re: US South Pre-Winter Snowstorm
Post by: iam4liberty on December 11, 2018, 10:34:21 PM
Florida, it is your turn to take action.  Please check on elderly neighbors. (

Bundle up! Frost advisory issued for most of Central Florida
'It's going to be cold,' News 6 meteorologist Tom Sorrells says

A frost advisory is in effect early Wednesday for most of Central Florida as temperatures will hover near freezing in areas north of Orlando.

The advisory will be in effect from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m. in Marion County as lows will be around 32 degrees. The rest of Central Florida, excluding Brevard County and coastal Volusia County, will be under a frost advisory from 3 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Orlando will see a low near 38, about 10 degrees above the record low.

"The wind won't be much of a factor, but that will allow a heavy frost to form in some areas," News 6 meteorologist Tom Sorrells said. "It's going to be cold."

The cold snap has prompted homeless shelters and churches to open their doors for those seeking shelter.
Title: Re: US South Pre-Winter Snowstorm
Post by: iam4liberty on December 12, 2018, 11:57:27 AM
Please watch out for black ice and low visibility due to fog as these record conditions prevail.

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South digs out from record-breaking snowstorm, endures bitter cold

The deadly, record-breaking storm that walloped the South with snow and ice may be gone, but the mess it left behind continues to plague the region as temperatures sank well below freezing Tuesday morning.

The storm, which killed at least three people in hardest-hit North Carolina, dumped as much as 1-2 feet of snow across the southern and central Appalachians. It led to hundreds of car accidents, widespread power outages and travel headaches.

Gov. Roy Cooper said at a news conference Tuesday that overnight temperatures could again dip into the 20s or teens overnight after rising above freezing across much of the state during the day. That creates the potential for treacherous black ice on roads again during Wednesday’s commute.

Further south, portions of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana were dealing with freezing fog Tuesday morning.

Temperatures will dip into the teens and 20s across most of the Southeast Wednesday morning, said. Temperatures will even dip below freezing as far south as central Florida.

Title: Re: US South Pre-Winter Snowstorm
Post by: iam4liberty on December 14, 2018, 10:42:03 PM
Record colds and snow impacting economy. (

For two days, Greensboro's snow put retailers, restaurants into a deep freeze

To retailers and restaurants, a snow storm in December is never welcome. So when a foot of snow blanketed the Triad and closed down the city for two days, things were looking pretty bad for businesses.

“It had us concerned,” admitted Art Nading, owner of The Extra Ingredient, a locally-owned shop of kitchen wares and gadgets at Friendly Center.

On one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, places like Friendly Center and Four Seasons Town Centre were ghost towns. Both were closed Sunday
One segment of retail that won't be able to regain revenue lost because of the snow is restaurants. Few if any were open Sunday or Monday.

“We closed Monday," said Ziad Fleihan, operations manager for the restaurant chain Ghassan's. "The roads were so bad we just felt bad about asking people to come into work.”

By Tuesday, Fleihan said all three restaurants were open, but the LeBauer Park kiosk the chain also operates has remained closed most of the week.

“The strain has been having the guys wanting to work and willing to work, but we can’t open that location,” Fleihan said.