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Colt Model Black Powder Revolver opinions wanted

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I'm in west, central Illinois so not very close.
Just Googled the Rugers, they look a lot like the Remingtons in the pictures.
I know it doesn't matter in functionality, I just like the look of the Colts. More classic spaghetti western look to them.
Always been kind of partial to Colts in general though I've owned a variety of others.
Had a .54 muzzle loader until I lost in in the house fire we had 15+ years ago (lost a lot of guns that day). Between that and the 1/2 scale Napolean canon I have, the smell of burning black powder kind of got in my blood.
Lately, I've been leaning toward airguns. I set up a small hobby metalworking shop and want to try and get in on the ground floor of this recent jump in the airgun market. I've got a design of my own I want to try and make as well as doing some custom mod work on them. Slow going right now due to work, but I'm more trying to get set up for retirement just a few years down the road.

I agree with you. The Colts have the "look". I also find that they point more naturally than the Remingtons. The Remington I have to get my hand clear up high on the grip to get the same feel. The Colts and clones are great in that aspect. For a cartridge gun, you might look at an 1872 Opentop in 45 or 38. Good guns, and have the same feel, but load a whole lot faster.
Good luck!

I've owned both a Pietta '51 Navy in .44, and an ASM '60 Army.  My first revolver was the '51, and I was instantly in love.  I bought the Army because the grip of the Army is a little bigger and longer that the Navy's, and I thought it would fit my hand a little better.  My pinkie finger hangs under the grip on the Navy.  What a surprise it was that the Navy was more comfortable to shoot!  I also didn't like the creeping loader at all.  I know it was supposed to be a step up from the hinged loader, but i don't think it works as well.

I've toyed with getting a conversion cylinder for the Navy, probably in .44/40 vs .45Colt.  I'm not sure I want to spend $300 though.  Someday maybe...

I've never fired anything but .454 RBs out of mine but I know they also shoot conicals.  The original Colt bullet molds which came with the new revolvers had a recess for a RB and one for a conical.  The other piece to shooting these revolvers is to understand they are zeroed for 125 yards.  If you shoot it like a standard modern handgun, you are going to shoot way low.  It's something you'll either have to adjust to, or alter your sights.

What else...  Oh, I bought replacement Treso nipples in #11 for mine, so I can use the same caps I use for my rifles, and pinching the caps so they'd stay on the #10 nipples got really old. 

OK, Pietta Vs. Uberti... I've never owned a Uberti, but I have held and worked them.  They, frankly are beautiful guns, but not so beautiful to justify their additional cost.  Also, if you're really wanting a '51 in .44, they don't make them (at least any more, don't know if they ever did or not).  Pietta is a great gun, and very reliable.  You'll probably have to tune it a little, but I always expect that, myself (Tuning the Pietta Pt1 and Tuning the Pietta Pt2). 

Ultimately, there are VERY few other handguns which so naturally point as the open-top Colts. 

There are none so damn sexy...


Yes good point about the nipples. Swap them out for treso brand nipples and use Remington #10 caps and reliability is greatly improved.




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