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Colt Model Black Powder Revolver opinions wanted

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.36 vs .44.

Dixie is top notch supplier if you need parts and accoutrements.

LOL, oops!!

Thanks everyone for all the info.
I think I found a nearby dealer where I can go look, but after reading your comments, I'm now considering th Uberti 1860 Army.
I was kind of surprised about bdhutier's comment that he thought the Navy shot better with the smaller grip than the Army. Myself, I never liked guns with small grips that I couldn't get all my fingers wrapped around. Hopefully I can find a dealer with both in stock so I can compare feel.
I see one can get it with the standard cylinder or the fluted cylinder.
Any opionions on standard vs fluted ?
BTW, any preferences on using black powder vs pyrodex in the revolvers ?

Real blac all the way. Longer shelf life, no load adjustments, and of course the smell and smoke just aren't the same with the fake stuff !!! :)

Real black. I get my by the 25# lot from Powder Inc. I usually buy Kik brand or Skirmish. Its cheaper than Goex, but Skirmish is a tad dirtier. The Kik I really like.

I like the 51 Navy myself, but I put the 1860 grip frames on it for more handle. The barrel is lighter and a tad shorter, and with the heavier grip is about perfect for me. It helps I have about 15 of these things to swap around too, as just buying grips and frames can be expensive.

Standard vs fluted? I don't really care either way, but do have an Uberti 1860 with the full fluted cylinder, and I really like the looks and feel of it. Very light feeling compared to the non fluted.



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