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Inline caplock rifles

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I shot it today with the REAL cast bullets I made. After some sight setting, it hit fine. Need to work on the accuracy yet.
This poor bean can got hit at 25m at the beginning phase of zeroing. The exiting hole is quite impressive.

Tested my new lead melter yesterday and cast some more bullets for my Tracker. Found a small scrapyard nearby, that will supply me with cheap lead, hurray. Also got some sabots and regular .45ACP fmj bullets to try. I may get to range next weekend, hope to test all the new ammo.
Been thinking about another inline muzzleloader, just to add it to the prepping stock since they are so cheap, but will rather get a caplock SxS shotgun, as mentioned in other thread here. It's two shots instead of one, plus it's more versatile than a rifle.


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