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Anyone experienced in muzzleloading shotgun use? I just got a caplock double barrel and look for possible loading data. Is there any big difference between ball and shot powder loads? I only shot ball so far.

The shotgun came in my mail today. Not in great shape, yet restorable I guess (and hope). But I was quite shocked though, as I started to clean the barrels and found out one has been loaded the whole time! Fortunately, me and my lady both shoot muzzleloaders, so we have all essential tools for them - including the unloading "corkscrew" and managed to pull out pieces of the old newspaper someone used as plug, piece by piece (I poured water through it first, to make sure). There was a date of 1926 on a piece of the paper. Got a handful of shot and poured out black crap of soaked blackpowder. The dryer grains seemed to be in good shape though, so I bet it would actualy go off if someone fired a fresh cap in the lock.

My 12 bore SxS likes an even amount of powder and shot.  I use thick cardboard cutouts (like moving boxes) for the over powder wad, and cereal box cutouts for the over-shot wad.  To cut them out, I use one of these punches, sized a hair larger than the bore:

Pressures are quite low with shot vs. a rifle, so it's going to have to be a stupid large load to over charge it. 

For load data: What's the bore (Gauge), and what's the pressure stamping on the barrel?

It's a 16 gauge, yet there are no other markings on the barrels. Neat idea with the wads.
I want to keep the pressure rather low, as the bore has rusted over the years. Doesn't seem to be dangerously deep rust, but I don't want to stress it too much. And I'll do couple startig shots with "remote control" (aka a piece of cord) anyway.

The Lyman manual I have does not have any load data for 16ga, muzzle-loaded.  It does have date for BP shot-shell charges though.  Although they aren't the same, they are going to be very similar. 

16ga, 90g Goex FF, 1oz shot, 1200FPS, 6200PSI

16ga, 90g Goex FF, 1 1/8oz shot, 1150FPS, 6300PSI

This was the closes actual load data I could find.  There's plenty of info posted on various forums and such, but nothing I could find from a manufacturer or anything.  A 16ga is a .663 caliber bore, or 16.83mm.  If you get a punch that's .67 inches, or 17mm, that should do just fine for the wadding.  The main purpose of the wadding is to keep the powder in one place for a good ignition and burn, and to keep the shot from falling out the muzzle!


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