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Using Airsoft for New Shooters

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I would like to learn more about Airsoft. I have talked with DH about finding a shooting range so I can practice and he wants to buy a gun for me, but we live far enough out that it is a pain and expensive to drive to the Big City. We used to shoot on our property, but too many neighbors now. Airsoft sounds like it would be a great way for me to practice often.

I'm not finding any good websites about Airsoft. Any recommendations? DH hasn't heard of Airsoft and I don't know enough about the subject to find "beginner" info.

(Jack, I never thought I would post a message on the weapons portion of your site. Thanks for drawing me in.)

So, I'm a dope. I finally figured out that Airsoft apparently isn't a brand name. (Told you I'm a beginner. Be kind.  ;)) That would be why I wasn't getting anywhere. So, don't think DH is a dope as well; he hasn't listened to the show. Of course he knows about them, I was just presenting it as a brand name. DUH!

Check out

They are good friends of John over at SOE and John has been very good to us here and continues to do so.  The stuff on that site is the higher quality gear, nothing wrong with starting out with a 20 dollar springer but if you move up in quality or just want top quality right from the get go, give these folks a crack at your business.  When John tells me a supplier is good to go, I absolutely know they are.

Thanks, Jack. I did check Airsoft Extreme before, but it's a bit overwhelming for my lack of knowledge at this point. I'm going to look through it again though.  :)

I am going to post today about a very basic affordable spring gun I use.  I will add more models over time and hopefully other members can do the same with what they own and shoot.  There are lots of Airsoft Forums but most cater to the war game types.  I have nothing at all against that but many new folks just want to shoot targets, train when they can't go to the range, etc.  I hope we can form a knowledge base here for that type of crowd.


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