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Blowguns Anyone?

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When I was young, I made darts from a wood screw, notebook paper, and tape.  Put the dart down into a pipe and cut the funnel to fit.  (saw how to make it in a Charles Bronson movie, the one where he was protecting the President's wife.  Naturally, I made one and shot the heck out of the backyard fence.   They shot shockingly well.

Just thought they would really rock with a blast of compressed air.

dOJOWO, your modification sounds like a lot of fun.

I'm surprised no one mentioned building your own. A making a blowgun is as easy as cutting a section of 1/2" PVC to whatever length you like. I've used these since I was a kid for plinking in the back yard. If you want to fancy it up, through a few coats of cheap spray paint on there.

Got a Cold Steel 2-piece blowgun last year and was lucky to score a dozen old-type broadhead darts, nice and big yet still fly very well. I was quite surprised how well was I able to shoot with zero experience with that weapon. Disassembled, it easily fits on side of a lrge backpack. Even with the half piece, you can still shoot quite well, though full length is much better for both accuracy and power. At about 10m, steel darts get slightly through 5mm plywood and even bamboo darts get stuck deep into it. Pretty powerful to kill small game.

Can we get some pictures of the dart-pistol revolver contraption? Maybe a build write-up?

Had the standard aluminium Flea market blowgun in highschool... being dumb with my little brother we decide to play "chicken" with our own feet. Shot two he puts it straight into his shoe with the needle dart.... laughed and pulled it out to show a good 1/3 inch penetration into his foot.... yeah wasn't topping that....he can win!


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