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Title: Joe's 13 Skills list
Post by: joeandmich on August 15, 2013, 09:32:08 AM
At present I have planned to be proficient in the following 13 skills.

1.   Home Defense (proficient already) – firearm, knife, staff, spear, sword and hand to hand
2.   Hunting, Fishing & trapping (learning)
3.   Wood work, cabinetry, furniture, shelter & structure building (basic knowledge and experience)
4.   Basic metal work - Welding, blacksmithing & knife making (basic knowledge and experience)
5.   Foreign language - Spanish and French (already speak Spanish and learning French)
6.   Farming, yard work & clearing (basic knowledge & experience other than farming-learning)
7.   Cooking-indoor and outdoor (not a bad cook)
8.   Basic plumbing (can fix basic plumbing and install basic outdoor plumbing well)
9.   sewing and leatherwork (basic knowledge & experience)
10.   minor mechanical and electrical work (basic knowledge & experience)
11.   child & animal care (great affinity with kids and animals)
12.   minor first aid (learning)
13.   Basic bushcraft – navigation, scouting, camping, fire management, tracking, water treatment & shelter building (learning)