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best air gun type action for pest shooting?

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I'll be honest I do not know of any PCP's in the 200 dollar range, much less the 175 range. PCP's are more expensive due to that woeking parts and more detailed mechanics of it. If that is your budget, you should stick with the multi-pump or single pump rifles. I'd also look at combo packages and used airguns, people usually tale very good care of airguns so that is an option. The King of airgun sales is Tom gaylords pyramyd air website. google it, I'm sure it is easy to find.
With your upper range of your budget I'd go for one of these:

Beeman RAM Air Rifle Combo, RS2
Beeman RS3
Diana RWS 34 Striker

They are all .22 cal and most are combo mation packages, great for pest control look at Pyramyd Air to find these they are all in the 175-200 price range, and do not think that a PCP is the end all-be all rifle, they are nice to have, mainly for the follow on shot, but they also cost more in purchase price and to maintain. About the only thing I do not like about spring piston is that they are a bit harder to zero a scope and they cannot be loaded and stay loaded for a long period of time due to spring tension setting in.

One more good thing about combo packages, is they come with a scope that is matched up to that specific rifle, I have dealt with Pyramyd Air for years, I was even a customer of Airgun Express, when they merged with Pyramyd.

BTW, I noticed you live in California, they have awesome airguns stores there. I know Ventura has lots of them, then agin I have no idea how far you are from Ventura!

Im probably about 45-60 minutes depending on traffic away from Ventura plus I have a cousin who lives in Ventura so I can most likely go to ventura and check out some of the shops down there. I said I only wanted to spend $200 but I can afford up to $300. I do not own .22LR so I want a good quality airgun. My budget does allow me to spend up to $300, I know you mentioned single and multi pump airguns but I would really prefer PCP types. Do you know any PCP types that cost up to $300 the most?

the only one that I know of is the Benjamin Discovery (starts at $259), it uses both a pump and CO2. I've never shot it myself but looks like a good quality gun. And with a name like Benjamin, I am positive it is well worth  the money. I'd go for the .22 cal, you may get less FPS but you get more knockdown power at the target.
There are a few more stores in Cali, like Pomona Airguns, Ventura Airguns, and if you want to travel a bit go to Airguns of Arizona, located in Gilbert, AZ. Very good folks down there.
Like I said before the PCP price range is quite higher than the others, they go from 500-2000 (!), you get what you pay for and keep in mind the additional costs, mainly the air delivery system. you can go with a handpump, a scuba tank, or a compressor system, all increasing in price. Pellets are not that much and I would stock up on thousands at a time. Once you get the basics you can shoot all day, relatively cheap.
Let me know if you have any more questions or what rifle you decide on


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