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clothing as mulch

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Tommy Jefferson:
I believe this is a better use for old clothes than mulching.

Some people knit, or cross stitch for relaxation.  I sit on the couch with a butcher knife and cut up old clothes, towels, and blankets into rags.  I have boxes and boxes of these rags sitting around. 

It is luxurious to grab a CLOTH rag to wipe up a coffee spill or check the oil in my car.

If you let it be known that you accept old clothes, friends, family, and neighbors will start dumping garbage bags full of them on you.  With a long, sharp knife and creative folding, you can generate a cubic yard of 6" x 10" rags in an hour.

Once you start using disposable CLOTH rags, you'll never go back to disposable paper towels like peasants use.  ;)  We haven't bought paper towels in years.  I use handfuls of rags in my garage and can't get rid of them fast enough.  The boxes are piling up.  I've started giving rags away.

100 years ago "Rag men" would drive their wagons from house to house collecting cloth for recycling into fine linen writing paper.  Modern farming and weaving technology has made cloth so inexpensive we can throw it away.

Excellent idea, TJ. I have selectively saved certain cloths for use as cleaning cloths, but not to the extent you mention. Plus, I don't throw them away after using, I re-wash and re-use many times. I'll have to re-evaluate this the next time I sort through clothing to get rid of...

Making rags doesn't mean they can't go into the garden after they've been used.  Espeacially your just throwing them away anyway.  Well atleast the ones not used for chemicals.


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