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Got the dvd!

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After all the great reviews, I felt compelled to order one. Just did!

I feel like I can identify with this, because I want to do the exact same things with our family. My wife and 2 kids should be able to relate, too (except for maybe the rabbit butchering section). :)

Can't wait to get it in...thanks!

So my DVD arrived in the mail today and I can't wait to check it out after such wonderful news about this.  ;D

Mine arrived today, too. That was fast.

Too bad I will not be home for another 5 days :(


I received my order very quickly and immediately rushed to watch this. I am totally impressed by the content of "Food Production Systems for A Backyard or Small Farm"  and have not even got into the "Bonus Resource CD." My wife and I have been developing our property over the past 3 years and regret we didn't have this DVD from the beginning. The sections on Water collection  and orchards are especially helpful for us and there is plenty of material here to study and review. I highly recommend this DVD for anyone new to homesteading or food production.


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