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Started my first whatever it is

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I must admit... I find myself chuckling about your finding away around the restrictions :)

LOL.  The funny thing is, ive been here almost 4 years and am just starting to work this out.  Because before I just smoked my cigars and limited my alcohol consumption to when Im not here.  But with the change in import restrictions its almost impossible to get cigars or pipe tobacco in here in sufficient quantity to meet my demand.  So Ive been forced to this life of crime by the bullies in government and their import restrictions!


--- Quote from: archer on August 09, 2019, 05:42:32 PM ---let them age for a month then test, the age and test, then age more and test..

--- End quote ---
Agree completely.  But this constant age and test cycle is why I'm not a fan of smaller batches.

I do have a plan here.  If I can get a consistent recipe that I like I will see if it scales.  If it scales I have an unlimited market here.

ha! An entrepreneur meeting a market demand.


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