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Emergency Ration Taste Test



Great read.  I am going to get some of these to store in my emergency vehicle kits, as I want something in the vehicles that wont spoil, enough to get us home in case SHTF.

i was curious how the Mainstay tasted so I opened up an older 3600 calorie bar and ate it at work for a few days. It has a light lemon taste which I enjoyed and so did my co-workers. I could live off of Mainstay bars for a week easily.

I just picked up a 3600 Mainstay for each vehicle.  I double bagged them with my Foodsaver to provide some protection to the foil wrapper in case they get bounced around a bit.

They are also good for the BOB, boat, hunting packs and anywhere else you spend time.

For the cost and packability, they can't be beat.

I have 4 3600 Mainstays in my wife's van and I have 2 in my BOB I move between my truck and project car. I keep Millennium Bars in my wife's Van as well as my work/laptop Backpack. Millennium Bars taste great and don't melt in a hot car.

I have tried the dark blue Datrex rations. They make 60 year old C-Rats taste like candy. I would stick with MREs personally, unless space is at a premium. Keep the rations in something like a life raft, or an airplane crash kit.


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