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Ep 70: Stored Food Gives you a High Return on Investment

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I had never even heard that about oils.  I told my wife about it this morning and she was baffled.  Of course, we don't use it for deep frying or anything, merely using a bit to sautee vegetables, cook meat, etc for a little extra flavor.  Neither of us have ever gotten it hot enough to smoke, which seems to be where the dark magic happens.

I had no idea either that oils would release toxins if heated to high.  That just seems wrong somehow.  Why isn't that more well known?

Good question DeltaEchoVictor. I am going to send this info to my friends/family.

Years ago they "produced" a "study" that said bacon grease did pretty much the same thing.  Use it for cooking, it produced I'm gonna stop using bacon grease in my skillets ::)  Last I'd heard, that "study" was financed by the makers of PAM.  Not sure of the truthfulness of either, but I still use bacon grease over PAM.

I saute with butter or more accurately Ghee (clarified butter), if I want olive oil I add it at the end.  That lets more of the delicate flavor of the olive oil survive.


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