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I have added several books from Joe Nobody to our store:

Just added 3 new bags from Hazard 4:

I didn't know you stocked hazard4 gear :P. i haven't decided which way yet but I'm leanin toward the takedown bag for DSLR/travel duty I already have the Recon bag

Hazard4 makes excellent gear don't pass them by, if you never heard of the name. Well thought out and well made 1000D with lots of pockets/straps/carry options

Lightly used Paladin bag for $105 if anyone is interested.

I thought I would offer this to the forum crew first.  I have a Paladin Mission Expedition Pack available in BLACK.  It has been used for a couple of trips (Our recent trip to Puerto Rico and to the Liberty Forum.)  Awesome bag and in almost new condition.  I am going to switch to Coyote for my personal bag though.  Shoot me a PM or an email if you are interested.

Paladin Mission Pack Expedition

I'm going to have to brag on customer service. Ordered on late afternoon Monday 6/10 and package arrived today 6/13!


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