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New sticker designed by Nicodemus available in the store:

Another idea. Cold Steel Inferno pepper spray. Key chain and larger cans. I've been looking to buy these from a TSP supporter, but haven't been having any luck so far.

Being in lovely NY state you actually have to have an FFL to stock pepper spray.  Sometimes we will drop ship from a supplier to a customer, but we can't stock it here.

New item in the store.

edit: archer: since i did not know what this was, i looked it up:

Created by Iain Sinclair, EON Classic transcends conventional pocket light sources. For the first time ever in a flashlight, ultra bright, white, light emitting diodes were combined with special circuitry to produce a pure penetrating beam of ultra high efficiency. So efficient in fact that, for average use you may never need to buy another flashlight. As very little energy is consumed , costly and wasteful battery replacement has become obsolete. No lamps to blow, no batteries to buy or change, as convenient and ultra thin as a credit card. By Iain Sinclair.

The new Bad Quaker Voluntary Departure Bag (kit deal) is available for purchase.


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