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What are you brewing?

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Just dissent right now.

I guess I should have updated on the pilsner as well.  I flipped through the calendar and I found that I didn't mark it on there when I brewed.  I think it was more than 3 weeks ago, but I'm not sure.  I don't want to have any bottle bombs, so I'm waiting another week or so before I bottle.

I've started writing batch number and date on the carboy with a greasepencil.  When you run long primaries (up to two months) it's easy to lose track. 

does wine count as brewing?  ;D

If so i got a batch of beet wine that is about ready to bottle and will be starting a batch of apple in a week or two.

I am trying to get a friend started in the beer brewing but he is dragging his feet a bit.

Steve W:
Have several small batches of Scrumpy (Hard Cider) to start on weekend.

Also a 5 gallon batch of  "Perry"  (Pear Cider) is in the works.

Use a very simple Somerset Farm House style process, but do it in absolutely clean jugs with a trapped fermentation lock.  Found that true open attempts took on mold in this area.

Hoping to get enough honey for a Meade batch too!


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