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What'll I do if my kitchen tap runs dry?


I live in a 3rd-floor flat in Plymouth UK, and can't help wondering what I (and everybody else round here) will do if some kind of apocalypse knocks out the waterworks that supplies our water?
The nearest river or streams are about 5 miles away.
Ironically I'm only 50 yards from the Atlantic so I suppose I could rig up some kind of still to boil off the salt, but I'd have to use firewood to power it and there are not many trees nearby.
(Electricity and gas will all have gone off with the water).
I hear we need about 15 cups of water per day to survive, wow that much?
Any advice?

Only 15 cups of water? Sort of depends on how hot it is I would guess.  And that does not leave much for making bangers and squeak. Well; that is mostly fried, maybe toad in a hole.

so a basic desalination process is energy intensive.

for very small amounts of water a A floating solar still can be used to desalinate small amounts of seawater, using evaporation and condensation. 

Now to use the process to extract salt from sea water can work sort of the same way.

For short simple uses when the tap runs dry for a day or so, good plastic containers that hold 10 liters or more per day.

For country side living; plastic sheets + cistern setup can be used to provide useful source of water during those rainy days.  After capture, the water would still have to be filtered/treated for consumption.


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