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Drawing water from a well, without electricity

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I've been studying of a cheap, good way to get water from our well if the elec goes off, or we can't pay the elec bill.
We have a generator, but gas only lasts so long.

A manual water pump comes to mind, but I'm not wanting to spend a fortune doing it. I've checked on the Bison pumps, but not wanting to spend 1200.-2000. dollars.
I've read a little of the solar well pumps.

Thinking about visiting with the Amish to see what they are using.

We have a second well that is currently plugged off. And, it's under the floor in the bathroom that is an old addition to the house.
We would need a deep well pump. Water is 70' down. Well depth is 200'.
Current 220 pump is set at 160'

Get a piece of pipe that will fit inside the well pipe, cap one end, and put a stout rope or chain on the other. I believe you can buy these specially made.

A water well bucket?
I have a commercial made one (galvanized tin) somewhere.

Looking for hand pump, or solar pump ideas

Basically you need a pipe long enough to get 150 with a foot valve on the bottom.  At that depth the weight of the pipe will require a seesaw up top to move it up and down . That's how the old windmills pump water.


I'm thinking something that will go down beside my current submersible pump and pipe. 6" casing


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