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For many years, I have been collecting files, and building up my survival library. The subject of survival libraries has come up several times in TSP forums, but I have not seen any list of what people have in their libraries. While my library is pretty big, I wanted to come up with a starting point for beginners. The 75 files in this list come to under 600MB, and so will fit on a standard CD, or on most thumb drives sold now-a-days. If you put a copy of your library onto an external device (thumb drive, SD card, external disk, etc.) make sure to protect it from EMP attacks. Also, copy your library to your phone/tablet so that you have it in your EDC (Every Day Carry.)

The following list should give you a good start on survival documents, both for preparing ahead of time, and for during/after the emergency. Spend an afternoon downloading these files, and you will have a good start - add any files that you find, or purchase, and you will be getting there info-wise. Just like any preps, don't keep this as a "Store and Forget" item - read (or at least skim) over these documents, so that you will be familiar with them. Also, many of the documents in the B) Survival section (like food storage cookbooks) will need some A) Preparedness prep work, like additional items in your food storage, to be useful.

I have tried to keep this list open, or free of copyright restrictions (if you see anything that is in violation, please let us know.) Also, all of these links have been checked within the past week, or so. Again, if you find any dead links, please let us know.

If you know of anything that is missing, please add it and the URL to this list. Remember, please do NOT post anything that is copyright restricted, and check all links before adding. In order to make it easier to keep this organized, please list the location where new things should go: I.E. for a file on making a water filter out of on-hand supplies, please say that it should be placed in "B) Survival, ii) Food-Water"

A)  Preparedness (Before An Emergency)
    i)  General
        a)  The LDS Survival Manual, 2012, 8th Edition ( - requires e-mail address)
        b)  Washington State Emergency Preparedness Guide (
        c)  Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Checklist (
        d)  Red Cross Your Family Disaster Plan (
        e)  First Responder Emergency Responce To Terrorism (FEMA) (
        f)  Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness (FEMA) (
        g)  Build-A-Kit ( (2-Page Emergency Kit Checklist) (
        h)  Family Communication Plan for Parents ( (
        i)  Family Communication Plan for Kids ( (
        j)  Prepare for Emergencies Now: Information for Pet Owners ( (2-Page Flyer) (
        k)  Prepare For Emergencies Now: Information For Older Americans ( (2-Page Flyer) (
        l)  Prepare for Emergencies Now: Information for People with Disabilities ( (2-Page Flyer) (
        m)  Boy Scout Wilderness Survival Merit Badge Handbook (
        n)  Outdoor Survival Training for Alaska's Youth: Student Manual ( - Requires Zip Code, or out of U.S.)
    ii)  Food-Water
        a)  Do-it-Yourself MREs (
        b)  Frugal Food Storage ( - Copy and paste into Word document)
        c)  Food Storage And Canning Manual (
        d)  A Sample 3-Month Food Storage Supply (Per Person) (
        e)  Food Storage – Quick, Easy, Economical How-to to Get You Started (
        f)  Use It or Lose It! (Food Storage Book) (
    iii)  Homesteading-Farming
        a)  The Humanure Handbook (
        b)  Simplified Aquaponics Manual (
        c)  Country Wisdom Guidelines For Better Living In Bethlehem Township (
        d)  Raising Catfish in a Barrel ( - Copy and paste into a Word document)
        e)  Keeping Rabbits (Republic of South Africa, National Department of Agriculture) (
    iv)  Medical
        a)  Prepping - Becoming Self-Sufficient for Six Months (
        b)  A Basic Medical Kit For A 10-20 Person Shelter ( - Copy and paste into Word, or PDF, document)
        c)  Anatomy of a First Aid Kit (Red Cross) (
        d)  REI First Aid Checklist (
        e)  First-aid Supplies For Backpacking (
    v)  NBC
        a)  Homemade Fallout Meter – KFM Model (
    vi)  Shelter
        a)  Belowground Corrugated. Steel Culvert Shelter (PSD_-F-61-5) (
        b)  Outside Semimounded Steel Igloo Shelter (PSD_F-61-6) (
        c)  Aboveground Earth-Covered Lumber A-Frame Shelter (PSD_-F-61-7) (
        d)  Home Shelter - Outside Concrete Shelter (FEMA) (
        e)  Build a Protective Fallout Shelter (
        f)  Above Ground Home Shelter (FEMA) (
        g)  Taking Shelter From The Storm, Building a Safe Room Inside Your Home (FEMA) (
B)  Survival (After An Emergency)
    i)  General
        a)  Nuclear War Survival Skills (
        b)  Survival, Air Force Manual 64-5 (
        c)  FM 21-76 US Army Survival Manual (
        d)  The Household Cyclopedia of General Information (year 1881AD) (
        e)  King James Holy Bible (PDF) (
        f)  King James Holy Bible (Text) (
        g)  The Holy Bible, New King James Version (Text) (
        h)  The Holy Bible, New King James Version (PDF) (
    ii)  Food-Water
        a)  US Forest Service Lookout Cookbook 1938 (
        b)  US Forest Service Lookout Cookbook, Region 4 (
        c)  US Forest Service Lookout Cookbook Supplement 1939 (
        d)  Hand Drilled Wells, A Manual on Siting, Design, Construction and Maintenance (
        e)  Homemade Traps and Snares (
        f)  Peddle Operated Grain Mill (
        g)  How To Salt Fish (
        h)  New Ideas for Cooking with Basic Food Storage (Cookbook) (
    iii)  Homesteading-Farming
        a)  Small Plastic Greenhouses (
        b)  How To Make A Solar Cabinet Dryer For Agricultural Produce (
        c)  How Do You Live Without Electricity (
        d)  How To Make Fertilizer (
        e)  U.S. Army Special Forces Caching Techniques (Hiding and Storing Stuff Safely) (
        f)  Garden Farming (USDA) (
        g)  The Amature's Book of Planning Your Garden (Scanned 2 pages at a time) (
    iv)  Medical
        a)  Emergency War Surgery ( - multiple parts, should be combined with pdfsam - 
        b)  Survival& Austere Medicine  An Introduction, 3rd Edition ( - requires registration)
        c)  Where There Is No Doctor (
        d)  Where There Is No Dentist (
        e)  Where Women Have No Doctor (
        f)  International Medical Guide for Ships, 3rd edition (
        g)  FM 21-11 First Aid For Soldiers (
        h)  US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook (ST 31-91B) (
        i)  First Aid Manual, 5th Edition (American College of Emergency Physicians) (
    v)  Shelter
        a)  Expedient Shelter Handbook (
        b)  Expedient Shelter Construction and Occupancy Experiments (
        c)  BackPacker Magazine Survival Skills 101 (
        d)  Seven Primitive Shelters That Could Save Your Life (
        e)  Field Manual for the U.S. Antarctic Program, Chapter 11, Snow Shelters (
C)  Miscellaneous
    i)  Project Gutenberg (
        (Download the DVD image, mount it, and then copy all the files into your Survival Library)

+1 ChEng!!!

Just for good general information about the world in which we live:

C) Miscellaneous
    ii)  Education
        a) Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Factbook ( 1.6GB zipped HTML files - 2.7GB unzipped) Download this file to its own folder, unzip the file there, use file manager to navigate to that folder then double-click the index file.

This would be better for a long-term bug-in situation (like we have now with the CoVid-19 Shelter In Place) than a short term, or bug-out thing. A good geography book for a home-school environment.

+1 ChEng!!!


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Thank you to both of you. Hopefully this will help to kick start someone's preparedness/survival library.


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