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Food you wish you hadn't canned

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Ok. Title self explained.

Green salsa. Canned up 36? or so pints of it.
We may have opened 2? of them.

Morning Sunshine:
cherry jam.

green beans (I love green beans; hubby HATES them, so I could never add them to dinner for the kids, cuz that is his line.  He will eat and try just about everything else I serve, but green beans are his red line and he will not even encourage the kids to eat them.)

butter and cheese.  I wanted to try it but I have been too afraid to try eating them.

37 half pints of fig preserves. Wife was eating it about as fast as I could open the jars. Got 17 jars left after I told her to stop eating all the jelly, jam and preserves. Probably never get all eaten now. Oh well, it was the last and best crop of figs from the tree before the hurricanes and floods killed it.

12 pints of asparagus. I like it, wife likes it but both of use like it much better fresh and sauteed briefly. 3 jars left, I'll probably dump them.

We've got like.....6 cases of various Peach now. Jam, Jelly, Peach Butter (spread  ::) )
and what we're gonna call syrup.
Time will tell on it. We may wear everyone out giving it away.

squash its all soft


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