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What causes blood pressure?

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I don't know much about blood pressure (certainly nothing to add to what has already been said), but I know a good natural remedy when you need to lower it: hawthorn. Blossoms seem to work best (pick them early, while they're starting to open), berries somewhat less, young leaves are the third and weakest option. It takes time to make it work, don't expect instant effect. Drink hawthorn tea for a couple weeks to settle your hearth. You can also make tincture if you macerate about 100g berries in 0,5l of alcohol (volume 50% or more) If you have some serious hearth problems or take any synthetic drugs for it, you should consult with a doctor though. Do NOT use it along with digitalis (foxglove)!

True story- my neighbour was about 65 years old and had high blood pressure, possibly because he was highly strung and a right misery-guts, always arguing with people with a face as sour as sh*t.
Once he went ballistic at me because he didn't like me feeding pigeons on my windowsill, and as he ranted his face literally turned purple and nearly black!
He died of a brain haemorrhage a few years ago and I can't help thinking that if he'd learnt to relax more, he'd still be alive today..


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