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How I make my rag rugs.
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I gather old materials that have been washed and dried most likely more than enough, Cut out strips approximately 4 inches wide, as long as can. Do NOT measure and cut on lines - it's ok if it is only approximate. Iron - this is the hard part for me -opposite long sides inward about 2/3 inch, then iron in half with ironed cut sides inside.  Put in a basket, and when you think you have a lot, start on the rug.  Sew by hand three long strips together at the ends, do NOT sew all strips end to end as the braiding is a nightmare.  I start braiding by folding over the braid strips to help the rug come out somewhat flat. I pull on the braid a little to stretch it out a little. You will need some play. You will sew on strip ends to strip ends as you need them and according to the pattern or color you want.  Use strong thread.  I do only oval now as it just lays better for this amateur. Start wiith the first bend and overlap the unbraided part on one side.  You can always tack what you need to tack when you are done.  I have a green rug going now with about 10 inches wide by 15 inches long. I sew as close to the edges that meet edges as I can with simple joining stitching and not large stitches ( I usually watch a good movie at this time !) You will find there are places you need to ease the braid into by scrunching down the already slightly pulled braid. Check often for layability.  I add on strips and do a little braiding as I go along.   The last rug I made was yellow basically - some old yellow sheets that had been washed a zillion times.  Gave it to a sister and she loves it - very washable and dryable.  I have a new camera and will try to figure out how to put pictures on here.  Very nerve calming and great pastime you can put down anytime.  Keeping cats out of the basket is the only peril.  I can't knit worth a darn, or crochet.   I love using old dresses, mother's old tablecloths and assorted and sundry - I am a material collector of the most raggedy sort.  !  My stash is precious !C.