Author Topic: A TSP Forums Cookbook In The Making  (Read 3721 times)

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A TSP Forums Cookbook In The Making
« on: May 12, 2009, 10:44:27 AM »
Sister Wolf & I are kicking around an idea for a cookbook containing recipes from our very own recipe board.  If there is enough interest & if we can get a good variety of recipes, we're planning on publishing this ourselves thru Lulu.

Sister Wolf has outlined it HERE in the Recipes Board.  If you'd like to contribute to the cookbook then post your recipes in The Recipe Board, or you can PM them to either one of us.

This is all very preliminary at this stage, but if you'd like to contribute please do.  We'll credit your recipe to you & use either your forum username or your actual name, whichever you prefer.  Any funds that are raised by doing this will be used to fund something related to the TSP Forums.  We're just not sure what at this point, maybe a future national get together or something along those lines.  Neither Sister Wolf or I plan on gaining financially by doing this, it's something we're doing for fun & to spread the modern survival philosophy.

If you have recipes that use your prep food we'd like those contributions as well.  We're planning on interspersing the book with basic prep info & tips & tricks, so anything along those lines would be appreciated, but primarily this is going to be a cookbook dedicated to our forum members & contributors.

We'll provide updates as this process moves along & thanks in advance for contributing!