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Extreme measures taken to shut down Pro police event


This sounds crazy but NY tripped over themselves to prevent a pro police rally like you wouldn't believe and yet you hear how protests and other events get the green light

Yep.  And it shows that the coronavirus orders have nothing to do with virus at all.  Mandatory mask laws are being used to give ANTIFA cover.  While gathering bans are only being applied to the pro-peace and religious groups.  Now we have governors singleling out peaceful people for forced quarantines to squash their first amendment rights.Totally unconstitutional.

It seems like the Democrats mostly consist of either those that want to destroy the country or those that are brainwashed

Why not destroy the country if America is just some trashy place created by white people

It's like seeing the glass half empty and not half full in some cases, seeing what's wrong but not realizing enough that compared to anywhere else it's among the very best

Yeah.  The MO for authoritarians is to create chaos to get people more willing to accept their "order".  That is what is going on here.  Some people are too brainwashed to spot it.  Others welcome it as their own chance to gain wealth, fame, and influence.  The smart ones are prepping to either cut it off at the pass or to weather the storm should it come to fruition.

Jack has been doing a series of posts on parler today with exactly that theme trying to raise consciousness of what is happening:

If you really think all the lock downs, mandates, etc. are about your safety vs. control at this point. You either lost your ability to think critically at some point or were born stupid, take your pick.
When it comes to these big cities with the entire de-fund the police shit going on. Do you really think that they will disband the police, or just change the name, give them more power and more money?

Is CPS "the police", if you are a parent what is more scary an officer at your door or a CPS agent? Is this really so hard to understand at this point?

Do you really think a member of the "Domestic Violence Agency" won't be more capable of destroying a family then a police officer currently is? Do you really?
Seriously this is a lot of what we have been referring to on Unloose the Goose. There is a massive cycle of shift occurring. It will not be stopped or even slowed, you can figure it out or be crushed by it, your choice but know it is a choice.

Do we have any sense or stats on numbers of shootings in different areas such as highways being blocked etc ? I wonder what is the future risk of violence in different areas


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