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because I want to read more and experiment soon.  Very soon.  See

Morning Sunshine:
also a good site:

trying Brisket today.  well, it came out of the freezer this morning.... probably trying it tomorrow.

actually, in the interest of experimentation, I pulled out another brisket, and will be doing a batch of jerky as well.

Morning Sunshine:
Started the jerky soak last night.

For the biltong, I coated in salt for 1.5 hours, rubbed it off, 3-4 minute soak in red wine vinegar, then added onion and garlic powder and some pepper.  Then I hung it in the dehydrator.
I used a toaster oven rack on top of a dehydrator shelf, then hung the meat (8 pieces) from there with paper clips.  I put them near the front of the dehydrator, which is turned onto its lowest setting.  I also do not have the cover on; instead I rigged a piece of cheesecloth to keep out bugs (not that there are a lot right now).


Let us know how it goes.

Morning Sunshine:
I took the biltong off.  I am a bit confused, as it only took 2 days to get to half its weight. But the inside was still pink AND MOIST.  I guess my dehydrator was still too warm even with the lid off.  I read up.
One website says to vacuum seal it at that point and stick it in the fridge.  The moisture levels will even out.  Another said to just leave it hanging.

So I cut my pieces in half; the half with the hooks are now hanging somewhere else, and the half without the hooks are in a vacuum bag in the fridge.

I liked the flavor though

The jerky got put in yesterday morning.  It was (mostly) done by dinner.  I don't remember it being that fast back when my mom made it, but it was done.  I used brisket for both, a tougher cut, but what I had so I used it.  The jerky was eventually sitting in melted fat, so I put it on a paper towel one tray up.  That allowed the fat to drain away from the meat.

I need to cut the jerky thinner - I waited too long and it was too defrosted to slice thinly.


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