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effects of the protest/riots/anti police rhetoric

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A reliable person I know just called me.  There is a ( very, very) small town in the greater SF bay area, "out of town" town, you know, one major road, one gas station, one grocery store town.  So, you will read about it, Ben Lomand CA.  But, more will come out of course, but what you wont read about yet, and this is of course preliminary information, but very good preliminary information, this was most likely a case of domestic terrorism.  No information if there is any wider affilliation, but the motivation was to shoot cops.  There were also explosives found, not used.  Maybe the caught the attention of a sherrif patrol before they were able to implement htey way they wanted to ?  About 6 hours ago.  I think most likely this was localized, and not part of a larger thing, but still wanted to give a heads up.  One officer dead, one injured, one suspect in custody, do not know about the other.  Not race related -- anti law enforcement motivation

I know in general the type of area this is and would imagine this was a complete surprise to them and nothing they were expecting.

Shoot the cops, defund police force and replace with government gangs. The Venezuela model.

Local to that town.  Only the one so far, still investigating other ties.  Seems that sherrifs got a call of suspicious vehicle with guns/explosives, went to investigate.  They either followed or found the van at a house and then they ( 2 deputies) were ambushed there with improvised explosives and gunfire, both officers down ( one is dead one in hospital) so he got away and then other law enforcement involved and car chase that included one car jacking and a 2nd attempted carjacking, shots fired in both directions, one highway patrol shot, in hand not serious, non-serious shot got the suspect. He was ranting anti-police rhetoric during the arrest -- but no more information of what the plans of his were.

Deputy killed, 2 other officers shot in California ambush


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Deputy killed, 2 other officers shot in California ambush

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yes, that is the one I am talking about

Turns out suspect is armed forces. 
--- Quote ---The ABC7 I-Team has new information on Carillo since officials identified him. The I-Team has learned he is 32 years-old and an active duty US Air Force sergeant based out of Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield.

Sources tell ABC7 News' Dan Noyes that investigators found many improvised explosive devices inside Carillo's home Saturday and that the FBI has taken over the case. The working theory is the sheriff's deputies "interrupted something big that was about to happen."

On his Facebook page on May 31, Carillo reposted a meme that said, "I'll never let racist white people make me forget about the dope white people I know exist. I love y'all." The post includes fist emojis of different skin tones, and both of the "whites" in the meme were crossed out. Carillo wrote, "The only race that matters, the human race."
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