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CNN Reaches Settlement With Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann

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Imagine how upset they are going to be when they likely announce he will be on the campaign trail with Trump.
Leftists Enraged Over Nick Sandmann Defeating CNN. Conservatives Celebrate.

This just in.  :rofl:
As Part Of Settlement With Nick Sandmann, CNN Hosts Must Wear MAGA Hats During All Broadcasts

Should have been quicker with his deletions.  And he isnt the only one.
Former CNN Commentator Sued by Covington Catholic Student Nick Sandmann

According to PJ Media the suit names a variety of public figures including “Ana Navarro, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Maggie Haberman, and Kathy Griffin.” PJ Media also reports that “According to the lawsuit, the tweet calling Sandmann’s face ‘punchable’ further spread the false narrative that the Covington Catholic boys had aggressively insulted the Native American man, when that was not the case.”

Good 18th birthday news.  His $250 million lawsuit against Washington Post is settled.
Covington teen settles defamation suit with the Washington Post

BREAKING: New York Times, Rolling Stone, ABC, and CBS all DENIED motions to dismiss lawsuit brought by Covington teen Nick Sandmann

The New York Times, Rolling Stone, ABC News, and CBS News' motions to dismiss the lawsuit brought forward by the defamed teenager were rejected Thursday.

"Today marks another important step towards achieving justice against a media that thinks it has a license to smear," Sandmann told The Post Millennial.

Sandmann's defamation lawsuit against The Washington Post was initially dismissed. Sandmann's attorneys later amended the complaint, reopening the suit. In July, The Washington Post settled the lawsuit with an amount not disclosed to the public.

Sandmann's lawyers also filed a lawsuit on his behalf against CNN in March 2019, seeking $275 million in damages for "vicious" and "direct attacks" towards the high schooler. In January of this year, CNN settled the lawsuit with an undisclosed amount.


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