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Archery repair


Hi, can anyone tell me where to learn to repair archery
     Equipment? Where are there classes,ECT.

David in MN:
Depends on your goals. If you want to learn to run a pro shop PSE runs a school.

Otherwise if you just want better skills or to learn the ropes to better your shooting a lot of smaller shops are pretty open to let you learn the tools. Go during a slow time and be polite and they'll probably either assist or train you for a small expense. Some even have classes. They're only working there because they are archery nerds. ANd if you just want to work on your own bow they probably want to sell you the tools.

Or find an archery club. My gun club used to have a strong archery group that unfortunately dried up. They had repair tools and materials and a hunting simulator. But the guys who really ran it retired and moved south and it fell off. Sadly a decade ago before I picked up archery.


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