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Noah Darco:
We've added a page at the beginning of Food Storage Feast course to alert students to updates and additions to the course, since we are adding new stuff all the time.

Those updates will be mirrored in this thread.

MTA: Fixed link above.

Noah Darco:
15 January, 2017

Since launching the course, we have added these new recipe videos:

Lentil & Vegetable Soup
Pasta with Bacon, Radicchio, & Green Onion
Thai Tom Yum Soup with Salt Cod

…and locked in written recipes for these, among others:

Oat Scones w/ Maple Glaze (This one’s for you, Denny!)
White Bean Soup w/ Spinach
Split Pea Soup w/ Ham
Refried Pinto Beans

Chef Keith has been under the weather with a bad cold and cough. He’s got several more recipe videos nearly done, just waiting for his voice to improve enough to record the voice over that explains each step, including these (some names are provisional and may change before we’re done):

Kettle Corn Pancakes
Simple Noodle Soup
Rustic French Toast
Porcini Mushroom Risotto
Paleo Mushroom-Kale Muffins
Quinoa- & Sausage- Stuffed Peppers
Spaghetti Carbonara w/ Yoders Bacon

My daughter and I are working to complete the written recipes to accompany each video that’s already posted. Every written recipe gets checked and re-checked for accuracy and for consistency with the video by at least three people before it goes up.

Also coming ASAP are:

Equipment and pantry lists, including Thai sauces


A course module on developing cooking as a life skill, with discussion of substitutions & flexibility.
Wheat is a complex and challenging subject, and will result in a lot of interesting and useful material before we’re done.

We’re also working to develop more core recipes and food storage guidelines that will work for specific diets, like Primal/Paleo, low/slow-carb, gluten-free, etc. Some diets are more challenging than others, due to the fact that dried, carb-heavy foods store longer and more easily than high-protein foods like meat, but we are highly sympathetic to these eating philosophies.

We’d like to say thanks to everyone who has purchased the course already. Building it has been a full time job for the two of us for several months now, and we’re grateful for your support as we keep working to build you the ultimate online course in preparedness cooking.

— Noah Darco

Noah Darco:
Added many more printable, written recipes to existing videos, as well as two new videos (with written recipes):

Kettle Corn Pancakes
Porcini Mushroom Risotto

Chef Keith is slowly getting his voice back, and has lots more videos in the queue.

Just finished shooting a rustic French Toast, with New Zealand canned butter and US maple syrup. The bread is my pullman loaf, thick cut, awesome texture. I used egg crystals and evaporated a few shelf stable pantry items to make a restaurant quality...actually better.....breakfast dish...that me and my daughter just ate for lunch...BOY am I full...

So, later I work on an amazing beef Stroganoff dish using Freeze Dried roast beef, just wait until you try that.....

back to work...


Update to my update:

Beef Stroganoff

My daughter has always loved this dish....but of course this time I used freeze dried beef....if I can borrow some vernacular from the millenial generation to help describe the flavor....."It was dope"  "It was legit" " The Bomb"  "straight cash"

Only fresh item was 1 cup of onion, which can easily have been freeze dried too....tender beefy tasting beef cubes, luscious sauteed mushrooms, a sauce comprised of freeze dried sour cream, beef broth, wooster sauce and a barely noticable scant pinch of pie spice and of course 2 tbs of sherry wine.....ladeled over al dente egg noodles. Olivia was like a rabid animal eating the bowl that was used for filming....

Seriously....this is a dish that is totally comforting, super tasty and very food storage friendly...a home run IMO  :D



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