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All Band Single Wire Antenna,The Zeppelin

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It looks like a good deal as the 85 foot W3EDP does tune and transmit on 160 meters should work great.
I plan to run a W3EDP or maybe half sized with a 9 to 1 balun as this should lower SWR to a range that even internal(to the radio) Tuners should handle.

In re-reading this I find I may have become the Ham that I avoided trying to read in the early days of my Ham radio adventure. You know the
guy who's description of a new project tended to leave me more confused than educated. Please ask questions and the knowledgeable radio men
here will make every attempt to explain.

  Just so this cool antenna floats to the top again...I find that a simple 100 foot roll of wire and a 4 to 1 balun will make this ZEPP or W3EDP an easy ,portable antenna that deploys within minutes...those who are mobile can just use an 84 or 85 foot wire with their vehicle serving as the 'short' 17 foot side and make good use of the effective long wire antenna when using an antenna tuner as protection for your radio output.

Smurf Hunter:
I spent some time yesterday outside, 20 ft up on a ladder in 38F weather re-routing my antenna wire outside my home.

Previously I had the ladderline + long wire sloping down from my roof line to about 5' about the ground.

I now have the wire running about 30ft up, just under my roof line along the side of my house.  My house wasn't long enough, so the final 8 feet do slope down to about 10 ft above ground, and is tethered to a wooden gate post.

Unfortunately on RX I didn't really improve too much, however it does appear to have a different radiation pattern than before.  The wire is pointing due east, and it does seem like I'm getting better reception into the midwest and east coast than before.

My feedline is LMR-240, and per the online calculator my 100' on 20 meters is should be sending 35 watts when I transmit at 50 watts.  Not too terrible, for digital work. 

  It is a fine line between hobby and mental illness...only a Ham would be out in such weather routeing wire...
Look at all the fun you are having with simple wire antennas.... :)


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