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Glock 19 airsoft replica?

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Anyone know of a decent Glock 19 AirSoft replica?

Airsplat has some, Glock is suing them though.  Ol Gaston hates that anyone makes a dime without him getting anything.  Actually, I dont think he likes it even if he does get paid. He not only doesnt want the company logo on it, but he doesnt like it looking at all like his guns or even fitting in the same holsters.  'turd.

Check Airsplat's website, last I looked they were back ordered 6 weeks and they had the suit filed last month so it may be a little risky.  But having an airsoft training gun is an awesome tool.

Thanks Chemsoldier. They look good, reviews are good. I think I'll take a chance. Nice video on the G17
But I'll be ordering the G19.

Not sure if this came through from others, but I've got this one. Mags fit adjustable point of impact and I use it for training in my business. The only problem I have had way that it does not fit perfectly in my SERPA Holster without some adjustments, but it fits in my carry holster and the cheap Fobus paddle holster I have.

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